Headquartered in Raufoss, Norway, the Nammo Group is a technology-driven aerospace and defence group specializing in high-performance defence and space solutions. The company was founded in 1998, based on a merger of three major Nordic defence companies: Celsius AB, Patria Oyj, and Raufoss ASA. 


Nammo Group’s innovative, wide-ranging products and services are implemented world-wide. Its broad portfolio includes shoulder-launched munitions systems, military and sports ammunition, rocket motors for military and space applications, and environmentally friendly demilitarization services.


The M72 from Nammo is disposable, easy to operate, lightweight and powerful. 

On the battle field since the Vietnam War, the M72 lightweight assault weapon (LAW) is combat proven. The M72 LAW is a single use, shoulder-launched weapon that is easy to use and highly portable. The lightweight allows soldiers to carry multiple M72’s at one time. Nammo has several variants of the system; providing soldiers with the capability to destroy structures and vehicles or penetrate light armor.

CBC 1 + 4

Cleaner Burn Cartridges, CBC 1 and CBC 4 for Aircraft Store Ejector Release Units have been especially developed in conjunction with the UK MOD to replace the ARD 446 with a cleaner more compliant 1a-1w cartridge. The CBC 1 and 4 cartridges are cleared for use on the Tornado and Typhoon and earlier on the Harrier and Jaguar to give a consistent release pressure with less debris in the release unit leading to a reduction in maintenance. 


The demilitarization business within Nammo has more than 40 years of experience. They specialise in handling excess, outdated and obsolete conventional ammunition and ensure the highest standards of safety and environmental consideration within their processes.

We are proud to confirm that not only do these processes comply with the European Union laws and regulations, they often exceed them.

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